The Houses

"...The homes’ doors open and the beauty floods your heart and overflows with the surprise of the “plateloticho” (the plate wall). They are the hand painted plates, which accompanied the bride to her new home, with the big mirror in the middle and the family pictures. But why so many plates? With beauty there is no “why” – it just saves you!...

The opening of these homes to the people aims to render the unique, folkloric and cultural heritage of Archangelos Rhodes. But they will do it in a different way: by living for a week in a house “folklore museum”…

... our cultural heritage


"...The narrow whitewashed alleys, the small, traditional, arch homes with their ornate gates and their wood burning ovens in the yards. The aroma of freshly baked bread every Saturday and the hospitable people of Archangelos, who keep the local voice alive and the customs of the village, all create a very warm atmosphere...

Archangelos also provides the comfort of a modern city. Frequent public transportation to the city of Rhodes, all other villages and the beaches. There are banks, post office, telecommunication service, Health Center, pharmacy..."

... our place


We light the yard’s wood oven and we bake traditional bread and local dishes.

We are familiarized with Rhodes’ aromatic plants and herbs from the homes' garden, creating cosmetics and ointments from these.

Tour introduction of the traditional arch type home to school students.

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