About us

"Every summer ever since I can remember, I have been spending it in Archangelos, Rhodes, at my grandfather’s house, my violin always with me. My grandmather, Maria, was always telling me those stories about my great grandfather, Manolis, playing the violin in traditional weddings and local festivities, and I could see his violin hanging on the wall inside the house. The violin case was all dusty, my grandmother would never let us play with it. I was twelve years old when she unhung the violin from the wall, gave it to me and said: “This is your great grandfather’s violin, it is now yours, make sure that you honor it”. With this violin, I received my violin diplome and completed my musical studies in Greece."

All these memories came back to me when my family proposed that I take charge of the administration of our traditional homes at Archangelos village. Iwas excited to do so.

My name is Maria Damianou. I am a violinist studying in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, at the moment.

Since the summer of 2014, the doors of my grandmother’s hospitable archangelic homes are open and invite you to share the experience of living in a “house-folklore museum”.

Essential partners to this project are:

Chariklia Nestoros, theologian Msc, specializing and experienced in cultural and environmental education programs, in charge of the educational projects applying to students of all levels, and the “… living in a house – folklore museum” project, developed for the occupants of the homes.

Chrysafina Psarra, seamstress of the traditional archangelic man and woman clothing and guide of the student groups.